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Let the games begin

I teach people to move better through principles of the fighting and dancing arts.


Workshops & Events


Thursday class
Vasim Circus Space

Workshops / Events

Invite me to teach at your retreat, training camp, or intensive.

"This game felt like playing judo against a gold medalist"

"Sam immediately understands how you move, where you can develop and adjusts immediately by giving you certain exercises."


Why combine fighting and dancing

into one practice?

The body is a self-learning system, meaning: the more data you feed it, the better it organizes itself."


It needs data (movement-exercises) that represent techniques that need to be learned. But next to the specific techniques, you want to feed it data that is similar but slightly different. This is called 'differential learning'.

Dancing arts are on the same spectrum as fighting arts. The biggest difference is that with fighting you mostly move 'against' and in dance you're moving with the other person. In this regard they perfectly complement each other.


So in my workshops I use principles from both fields to create exercises that give the athletes a tremendous amount of similar physical input in order to improve their capabilities in their own respective areas. 

Join us

Thursday class
at the
Vasim Circus Space


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Would you want to have me teach at your gym, studio or event?
Are you in specific movement coaching?
Have a team of dancers / fighters that need new input?


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