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Your body is real,
and so are it's instincts.


Hi I'm Sam,
I teach, coach and guide people through fighting, dancing and moving better.


Through my life-long studies of fighting and dancing,
I have experienced how they can solve a significant amount of modern day problems. Our lack of natural physical interaction leads to imbalances - in our mind and body - in our interaction with others - in touch and physical interaction - and more. Time to grab each other and practice physical interaction. 


Summer workshop 2022


"Boxing with Canvas"
2023 by Pier van den Elsen


My practice transfers to many forms of performance. Street theater, playing many characters.

Dance, choreography work and perfoming.


Book me for

Street theatre

Physical performance


Join us

Thursday class
at the
Vasim Circus Space

Contact for coaching and bookings

+31 6 11733529


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