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Doing things alone, more often illusion than truth

A little post for the perfectionist in ourselves.

"I have to be able to do this, on my own"

A thought fueled by the need for autonomy

Fueled by perfection

In our minds

Sometimes we think we should be able to do things “alone”

And, sometimes, we think that too much

Which makes life a little harder

So, here is a different light

Just a different thought

"We don't have to do anything alone"

Because we are always dependent on other/s

We either can't see or we don't want to see this

But if you think about it, it will surprise you

And maybe scare you

Dependency can have a huge impact on your quality of life.

But hey, we are

Let's make this thought a bit more balanced

"I would like help from others, but just as happy to help them"

We're helping, and being helped

Caring and being cared for

It sounds different, natural

That's it

Live long


and happy



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Photo © Sam Beukeboom

Acrobats: Maxime and Karel


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